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A spectacle which has been hailed electrified and awaited by world-renowned critics! After great successes of previous performances and many months of efforts, we managed to invite LORD OF THE DANCE to Poland again. The artists will come with a new, excellent spectacle, Dangerous Games, which on Broadway was named a masterpiece in its genre. Talented dancers in a modern, surprising choreography. Sam Flatley says about them: the students are a master! Hundreds of thousands of kilometers traveled on a concert tour around Europe, production worth 5.5 million, 8 trucks of stage design and technical equipment, 151.200 dance steps during one performance - these numbers are impressive! Breathtaking pyrotechnic effects, surprising light play, moving and multi-level scene. Acrobatic elements combined with a beautiful Celtic dance. If you think that LORD OF THE DANCE will not surprise you, come and see how wrong you are! You can not miss there!
LORD OF THE DANCE - Dangerous Games is a genius spectacle created for many years. Following the example of Woody Allen's story, the action of the show is focused on the history of the three main heroes. The master cast the young Lordlings in these roles. From the very beginning, the show, frontman James Keegan will not let you get distracted: it was really impressive.
Laura Thompson
www. telegraph.co.uk

The Times

In November 2019, the largest spectacular venues in Poland will tremble under the feet of excellent dancers due to the implementation of organized with a huge repulse - literally! A group founded and led by Michael Flatley will come straight from Ireland. The band has already visited over seventy countries on all continents of the world, thanks to which over 60 million viewers had the opportunity to admire the amazing performances of artists. Its huge popularity is also evidenced by the sales results of DVDs and CDs, which are counted in tens of millions.