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Al Bano & Romina Power

Again together! A romantic concert tour around Poland! The duet whose repertoire overflows with love and happiness, simply "Felicita". Unforgettable and romantic artists of great world scenes who have revived a hot emotion from many years ago! They are constantly selling out tickets for their concerts, and subsequent generations are humming their loving songs. AL BANO and ROMINA POWER - will perform in November 2019 at four beautiful concerts in Poland, accompanied by an orchestra! We invite you to Wrocław, Szczecin, Warsaw and Krakow for these exceptional artistic events. Especially for Polish viewers such hits as "Felicita", "Semper semper", "Liberta," Ci Sara "," Tu soltanto tu "," Sharzan "," Nostalgia Canaglia "and many more will be heard.

AL BANO and ROMINA POWER have returned and triumphed in Europe, America and Asia. Two concerts they gave in Poland in 2018, in Warsaw and in Gdańsk sold out quickly. Romantics sensed the rebirth between the two wonderful artists whose previous family tragedy, unfortunately, divided and decided on painful separation.

Currently together again! They returned together to their musical passions. They still sing wonderfully, arousing great admiration of the audience and the hearts of both old and new viewers. Concerts of the duo AL BANO and ROMINA POWER, which will take place in 2019, will be the only performances of this Italian-American couple in Poland. Artists will be accompanied by the orchestra, guaranteeing a wonderful evening - full of hot memories but also new touching musical touches.