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Attack of the Giants - Festival of Insectivorous Plants

Attack of the Giants - Festival of Insectivorous Plants



The festival is the world's largest living exhibition, which consists of exhibits from nearly 40 countries. Unique shows, lectures and lots of amazing attractions for children and adults.

The Attack of the Giants is a fantastic adventure of discovering the secrets and beauty of nature. In the world of flora, there are plenty of brilliant engineers, countdown specialists, and even those who can create their own bungee! You will meet all these heroes with us ...!

Come to the fabulous, green world filled with the magical tale of amazing giants. Take a wild trip to the fascinating land of hungry monsters. See what they can do and you won't be able to believe your eyes!

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In short, a giant show is coming!

During the event, a special, additional zone will be launched, in which you will be able to buy interesting and unusual carnivorous plants, straight from breeders.