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Hans Zimmer's greatest hits in film music

Hans Zimmer's greatest hits in film music
27.11.2021,start. 19:30

On november 27 at the Netto Arena in Szczecin, the Polish Radio Orchestra and Academic Choir of the Warsaw University of Technology under the direction of Maciej Sztor will perform a Film Music Concert dedicated to the work of Hans Zimmer. The solo parts will be sung by Anna Lasota and the narration will be hosted by Magda Miśka-Jackowska. The whole will enrich the fragments of films on the cinema screen.

During the concert, original orchestral suites will be presented, including from such blockbuster hits as: "Gladiator", "Inception", "Interstellar", "Batman", "Fortress" and "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Original pieces from the films "Race", "King Arthur", "Dunkirk" and "The Little Prince" will also be made. A specially selected author's repertoire will allow you to appreciate the stylistic richness and talent of one of the greatest contemporary film music composers who inspires creators and the audience around the world world.