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Forever Tango Luisa Bravo

Forever Tango Luisa Bravo

21 FEBRUARY 2021 at 19:00 - 22:00 - NEW DATE


Sensual and sophisticated tango is a world in which you can say everything with one movement of the leg, with a jerk of the hand, a tap of the foot and an arched eyebrow.

FOREVER TANGO is a dance show created and directed by Luis Bravo, which was recognized by the Bay Area Theater Critics Circle in San Francisco as the best concert musical, and at the Theater on the Square it was presented without interruption for 92 weeks and would return there for the next seasons.

The show was also awarded in 1996 with the prestigious Simpatia distinction at the Spoleto festival in Italy.


The show features world-famous tango dancers from Argentina, a vocalist and a music band using instruments characteristic of this genre such as bandoneon.