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FastLove, a tribute to George Michael


FastLove, a tribute to George Michael

10.12.2020, start.19

Produced with an extraordinary impetus, the FastLove show pays homage to the life and work of George Michael. Andrew Browning - who plays the role of a great artist, went on tour in 2017. He has played at 250 concerts since then, and the tour doesn't seem to end, because the show is extremely popular. Viewers around the world fill the stadiums to experience a whole range of emotions and have fun!

The venture from the beginning was doomed to success thanks to the role of George Michael. Browning, starring with the utmost authenticity, captures the charisma of the legendary singer. His show does not differ from the original concerts of George Michael. Physical similarity and vocal talent definitely favor it.

It was because of this deceptive similarity that in 2006 Andrew was invited to participate in the music video for the song "As", in which he starred along with the Grammy Award winner, soul singer Mary J Blige and George Michael himself.

This collaboration opened him recognition, which eventually led to collaboration with James Taylor - creator and producer


In addition, "FASTLOVE" is co-created by a cast of vocalists, dancers, bands and a team of artists who have worked tirelessly to create an authentic sound and a captivating visual setting, transferring the former leader of Wham to the world of music!

"FASTLOVE" conquers the hearts of fans on all continents, gaining enthusiastic reviews and recognition of the audience, and the show is on a continuous tour, once again touring the world. In 2020 Fastlove will visit Poland for the first time and it will definitely be a musical event that no fan of Michael Michael should miss.