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Koncert „Bednarek Inaczej”


October 14, 2021, start 20

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The latest single "Stay with me" announces the most important concert tour this fall of the Polish artist. During #Imarka Tour 2020 we will hear a handful of new songs, but also Bednarek's greatest hits in new surprising arrangements. It's like entering a party at a year-round club, which serves energetic drinks with jazz additions.

"All the songs my fans know will get a new life. It was a big challenge for me. They are played in completely different musical genres, ”reveals Kamil.

Bednarek invited brilliant Polish artists and musicians to cooperate.
"I certainly learned a lot from the production of new sounds, the new life of my songs. This is an interesting lesson for me from older colleagues in the industry who, as great musicians, are very open to such projects. "

Fans will have the opportunity to see the artist in a completely different setting. In addition to new arrangements and musicians, Kamil, during concerts with new visualizations, wants to convey a new message: In everyday life, go beyond the schemes, is a positive dose of energy that we all need, especially now - adds Bednarek.

People who went beyond stereotypes inspired me to create the project "Bednarek In Different". Thanks to them, humanity could develop. I think it's worth being brave, thinking your own way and not be pigeonholed - says Kamil.

The innovative music project "Bednarek In Different" had its premiere during a concert tour in the USA and Canada - it was perfectly received by the audience. All tickets went quickly. Now the time has come for presentations of the new Bednark music project for Polish fans.

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Make time and wait for tickets. See you in October!

The concerts are organized by DM Agency and Euforia.