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Hip-Hop Festival Szczecin 2020 canceled

Hip-Hop Festival Szczecin 2020 canceled

We send the Organizer's declaration

"Hip-Hop Festival Szczecin 2020 will not take place on the originally scheduled date. The current restrictions exclude the performance of the event at the level that the audience and artists deserve. This especially applies to the number of people who can stay in the Netto Arena and catering organizations.

The new date between February and April 2021 will be announced in the first days of December. We want to be absolutely sure of this without mentioning the third and fourth terms afterwards. All artists declare their willingness to play for you on the new date. It should be noted that only half of the line-up has been announced so far.

Tickets remain valid. It is possible to return them, but we encourage you to wait with this decision until the new date is announced. "