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We introduce the app to pay for parking!

We introduce the app to pay for parking!

We have good news for you! ❤️❤️

Dear guests, to facilitate your parking and unload queues together with the APCOA company - we have introduced for you - facilitation in the form of an easy-to-use application (apcoa flow) used to pay for parking

But for starters, two important notes:

1️⃣ The application will serve you during a concert (or events of a similar nature) or daily
Cost: PLN 12 to 24 hours

2️⃣ The application does not have the option of hourly fees, which you must continue to pay in the parking meter.

How does APCOA FLOW work from the user's or your point of view?

1️⃣ The user downloads the APCOA FLOW application to their phone from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple)

2️⃣ The user installs the APCOA FLOW application on his phone
a. Performs registration
b. Adds the car brand and registration number
c. Adds a payment method - connects your payment card

3️⃣ The user parks the car

4️⃣ Launches the application (on the map he can see his location near the parking icon).

5️⃣ Clicks on the car park icon - basic information about the car park and the PARK button appear.

6️⃣ Clicks PARK, you can set the parking time:
a. For the default registration number (can be changed)
b. For the default payment method (can be changed)

7️⃣ After setting the parking time, the User can see information about:
a. Parking time and until what time it will park,
b. The amount to be paid calculated on the basis of the applicable tariff

8️⃣ Clicking on the START button shows the final button, e.g. PAY PLN 12.00, which has already resulted in paying for parking for a defined parking session.

9️⃣ When restarting the application, the user can see the status of the current parking session (how much time is left) and can extend the parking time by any number of hours.

We hope that it will facilitate your parking and allow you to enjoy even more the event chosen by you❤️❤️