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Conference rooms




Netto Arena a allows to organise trainings, business meetings, congresses, and press conferences in a unique location i.e. this state-of-the-art sport facility.

Structure's facility provides a comfort business space and closeness of sport infrastructure is its additional asset. Two vast conference rooms give a possibility to conduct conferences and meetings for approx. 500 people. At the same time, both rooms are equipped in a professional audio and video system allowing for a comfort running of business meetings. One room has the equipment and cabins allowing to run a meeting with a simultaneous interpretation.
Conference rooms occupy the space of respectively 240 m2 (1st floor) and 280 m2 (2nd floor) and are located in direct neighbourhood of the patio and entrance hall to the conference room. Both rooms in a conference setting can seat up to 230 people. The room located on the 2nd floor has four simultaneous interpreting cabins.