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Pogoń Szczecin - Handball

Pogoń Szczecin – Handball is a high-level project with a 7-year-old reputation. With a long line of success it became recognized in Poland as well as abroad. Along with the city of Szczecin as the club’s strategic partner, Pogoń Szczecin Handball’s goal is to develop world-class handball.

Pogoń Szczecin is not only a sports club. In October 2011, using its capital, potential and personal involvement, the club decided to take steps in order to diversify its activities. A strategy of “creating interest” was initiated – with its main objective to focus on a wider, social aspect of operation. For over three years now the club successfully runs a section for the youngest adepts of handball – “Szypiorki”.

More information about the club on: http://handball.szczecin.pl/